Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

It's the Bomb:
Rule Numbers: 13, 15 & 29

January 13th, 2017:
Took the Cherry and dropped in on a few today.
Definitely a back foot board.
       Very responsive and very pivotal.
       Changes directions real fast, and throws a lot of water doing it. It turns in the pocket well and hangs onto the wall with a lot of control.
       Catches waves early and handles the late drop-ins just fine.
       I love the rocker I gave it, because it turns well on the back foot and goes real fast with a little weight on the front foot.
       It has a lot of the same feel as the M-4 did, but paddles a lot better.
       The conditions were far from ideal because they were a bit bouncy and the difficult ones to catch, but if you managed to stay in the pocket -there was some juice in them since they were at least head high. Needless to say, it was the right kind of board for them.
       I used an EA on the rear for the first time out, but next time I'll try the AM1 I usually use to see if it isn't too loose.

S-L-S Cherry Bomb surfboard by sunnyside

Like the Bitch's Nose better than the Flyer Nose?
Rule Numbers:

December 8th, 2016:
I think it looks more High Performance
The widest point is less than an inch from the rear of center.
       The thickest point is about two to three inches behind center.
       There is a reason why I delay posting the top side. (That's for other's Instagram accounts.) Nothing like free publicity you could say, -and something tells me that little spies have posted it already.
       Aside from the extra weight over the Flying P, I think it's a more refined design. (I'm still trying to figure out the right volume for me and would rather be on the thicker side then being too thin.) None the less, I think it's one of my better boards and I figure that tomorrow will be the day to see how it does in smaller waves. This time around, I think we've had plenty of enough time for it to cure. Other than one day I took out Sally, -we haven't have any big waves to miss out on.

Lining out the numbers:
6-0 15-3/16 19-3/4 12-3/4 2-11/16

Its a narrowed Bitch with a M-4 tail
November 18th, 2016:

The start of board #6

As for the rocker: I sure like they way this one turned out because it should let me in on big waves. And I really like the rails on this one because in the middle of the board they are almost the size of my old M-4, user friendly and a little sharper off the tail.
       I took three sessions to get it done this time. The first: was just to get the bottom rocker right and the skin off the deck, and then I drew the outlines and cut out the shape.
       The second session: was doing the most of the basic shaping with the rails and all.
       The third session was short: because I was able to compare over night and decided to bring down the top side of the rails to make them smaller and to make it feel thinner while carrying it under the arm.

C-bomb surfboard getting bottom hot coat

It's the Bomb:
Rule Numbers: 35

November 25, 2016:
Everyone needs a secret weapon.
If you thought Flying Panamanian was any good, this one is that much better. Both have the milder rocker for getting into bigger waves, this one has more foam and nicer rails. (A result of having a better blank to start out with.) It is a bit heavier than the Flying Panamanian is a bit lighter but that's what you get with more volume and better durability.
       Its a step up from Sally you could say, but the extra volume will help it catch the weaker waves.

rail lines on Cbomb surfboard

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bottom of Flying Pan surfboard by sunnyside

Flying Panamanian #1
Cliff Notes

6'2" 12-1/2" 19-7/8" 15" 2-3/8"
Widest point two inches back

Thickest point 4-5 inches back and the thicker nose tip is for floating balance while paddling.


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