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Third time out on the Cherry Bomb:
Rule Numbers: 11, 14, 30 & 35

January 28th, 2017:
Talking about yesterday:

Put the smaller AM1 on the rear and Bam!

It just felt like being at home on it.
       Like I'd surfed it many times before and there is just no more getting used to it.
       Very impressive front foot control when hanging onto the wall of a tube, and I like the way it slid into the top turns of a cut back. By far the best board I've ever surfed.
       No doubt that others liked the way it handled too, because I heard its name several times from the crowd at the surf contest this morning and even the clerks at Walmart know of it by name.
       Kinna like the Cherry Bomb has its own fan base.

6-0 19 3/4  Cherry Bomb surfboard

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bottom of Flying Pan surfboard by sunnyside

Flying Panamanian #1
Cliff Notes

6'2" 12-1/2" 19-7/8" 15" 2-3/8"
Widest point two inches back

Thickest point 4-5 inches back and the thicker nose tip is for floating balance while paddling.


Dennis James Sattler     a.k.a. Sunnyside

Dennis James Sattler
Owner of Synchro-link Surf

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Wooden dumpster for a Synchro-link





Caddy Trunk


Are you land locked?
Got a Motorboat?
Are you into Wakeboards yet?

Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wakeboarding Trend,
they know what works.

Caddy Trunk

quad surfboard bottom in purple

caddy truck for sychro-link mini roll off truck
Caddy Trunk
@ Synchro-Link



Caddy Trunk


Bookman black 3

bookman blac 3.




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