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Flying Panamanian #1

Flying Panamanian #1
Rule Numbers- 20 & 35

6'2" 19-7/8" 12-1/4" 15-1/2" 2-3/8"
       I figure it's running about 30-31 lt.
Don't let it fool you, -its a Graveler

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Stencial work on surfboard at synchro-link

December 5th, 2014 :
Hope you get a chance to see the first S-L-S Model - a really Hot One
I couldn't help but loan my board to this really cute curly haired brunet with in pink hot pants on, who was pozzin under the pier this morning.
       Definitely one of the nicest looking ones I've ever seen there.
       One of the guys said that I couldn't have done anything better, it worked out real nice for me.
       If she knew who I was, I bet that picture is going all over the internet today.
       Update: Apparently her photographer knew who I was, and now it is all over the internet just like I thought it would. From what I hear, she is a real professional model, who just blasted my logo all over the internet. Pretty neat. Got all that advertising for my up and coming surfboard company and I didn't have to pay one dime of my future customer's money.
       I know, I'm a marketing genius because other people would be trying to get to pay a fortune for what I can get for free.

December 5th, 2014:
Don't let it fool you, it's just another journal with a different label. I'm still trying to figure out which way I want it to go, - in chronological order or or most current at the top of the web-page. (Ive gotta make up my mind soon, so I may just flip it around.
       Well, I've got to get going and cut out a few rockers this afternoon.
       Oh yeah, I did one of those take-offs inside a tube this morning. I had one of the other guys who saw it told me that I stood right up out of it. Even rode it all the way in.

Got Rockers
December 6th, 2014:

Yesterday day I got my rockers cut out and tomorrow I plan to fine tune them.
       I'm going to stip off some of my sunset and stick longboard sand paper down the middle of the two boards I'm using for rockers.
       I figure all I'' have to do is giggle the rocker template in place for a while and it will true them up as smooth as a babies behind.

Today I plan to layout my next board with its own template. I know a lot of guys just do those things on the piece of foam it'self, but most shapers will tell you that making it's own template is the better route to go.
       Reason being is that the templates never look quite like the boards when they are laying flat, but when they are laying flat, it's easier to redraw outlines, like the one I need to create for the nose.
       It's will be easier for fit a new nose to it when it's in template form.
       Now all those things I told you about my next board are pretty much out the window because I plan to take a simpler and more logical approach to reshaping my old quad.
       I just plan to widen it by 3/16 by just steping it out to the edge of the stringer one could say. (19 3/4 to 19 13/16" wide.)
       Then I'm going to do only a little Tom Decker of 1/4" at the tail and then I will give the short leafs of the V-tail a little more radius so that it gives it a little more of a slight fish tail character to it. (Just because I think it will look a little cooler.)
       Then I will just come up with or fit a a newer more modern nose on the front of it to see if I can get it to a length of 6' 1.5" to 6' 2" for a final size. I'm going to try to keep it in the 32 - 33 litre range by keeping it 2 11/16 thick.
       And if I can get my hands on a yard of 2 oz, cloth, I'll be most likely covering it in s-cloth by the way of 6oz on the bottom and two 4oz layers on top with patches made out of 2 oz.
       I figure the extra cost is going to be worth know first hand who well what I would like as my standard glass just will hold up.
       I figure that if I just buy enough S-Glass cloth, the price of the materials will drop to where it won't be much more of an expense to use it in all my boards. (Give you that instead of spending the money on advertising. And let's not forget that I'll be paying less taxes on every board compared to those big corporate manufactures, so that will help some too.)
       I think that it is safe to say that the other manufactures won't be able to provide the same quality of a board for the same price because of there gross overhead.

PM Update:
6'-2" 19 7/8" and a tail at 15 13/16" the Nose at 12 3/4" .

Just as I thought, the Stoneman's nose workled real slick. I just set it over the same amount it was going to be narrower and walla. Bam, right where I wanted it to be and I even left a little bit of meat on the pattern while copying it so I should get about an extra 1/8 of radius out of it.
       I didn't use more than 1/4" Tom Decker and most of that was achieved by using the radius of a nine inch rubber sanding block for those little do-hickies in the V to give it that fishy look.
       Going to be a pretty good board I'd say.
       Now I've got to make a slide jig for my router and we're in.

Today is the kind of day a Stoneman can come in handy. The waves are so small and weak, even if you manage to catch one on a smaller short board, the they don't have enough square inch area underneath to keep up the momentum with the wave.
       But I've got to go check to see if they came up before the wind gets to them, another time when the Stoneman prevails.

Round tail nose, swallow tail nose, Stoneman squash nose of surfboards

If you zoom in on the middle top, you can see the line drawn from where I traced the Stomeman nose onto the original quad.

Sunnyside's Swallow tail Quad template

Gotta admit it looks nice.

Got to strip it
Rule Numbers-
December 7th, 2014:

We'll do a little fine tuning today. Along with putting that jig together.
       Oh yeah about my new board, the widest part approximately 2 1/8" back. The Original was approximately 2 7/8" back.
       But you have to take in account for the 1/4" TD in the tail so I'll have a little more area pushing up back there to make up a little difference of that.

I figure that it will be best to take make it a bit over sized this time through, so that next time I use the template, I'll take off what I need and where I need it off, to balance the board out.
       I've got a better shot of a sample template I made, but I left it back in my cage this time around. But just looking at it, it's easy to see that those people who think it looks like a fish are wrong. It's definitely a back foot quad shape.

Rocking it silly
Rule Numbers-20 & 41
December 8th, 2014:

I don't think many guys go to this level when making a rocker template. Rule Number Twenty: Remind me not to ever try doing two rockers like this two days in a row, -ever again. Because when you've got it sanding the whole length from one end to the other, it doesn't shift very easy and you know you just had one hell of a work out.'
       But it looks like it will work pretty good for any thing between 5'10" to 6'7"
       (And the rocker for my Quads look as though it will work pretty good for between boards 5'10" and 6' 4".)

Looks like I'm going to have to make one up for the Stoneman because it's way different. However, I'm not going to get so exact with sanding it out on the board like the two others.
       I plan to do a good job of tracing it and then cutting it out about 1/2" from the line so I can see what it was and what I'm doing to it when I make up my own modified version.
       There is an area in the middle where it is fairly flat for a while and it would go all hay-wire if you try to add a little more rocker radius in the nose. So to do it without messing up from the middle of the flat to the rear, you need to get farther away for a bit and then closer to the line when sanding up front in the nose area than the rest if the length, just in front of the flat spot - if you get my drift?

I'm hoping to produce a template for the Stoneman that will work for boards from 6'7" to 7'2".
       Looks as though I'm going to have to search out a nice rocker for Gromes.

And I like many of you have heard the rumors of some kind of stock pile.
       Well I don't know if there is any truth to it, -but you have to realize that rent on a building goes on 24/7 and a machine only shapes two boards at a time, so you gotta figure it only cost about $5-$7 per board to shape if the machine isn't doing it for someone else. I bet they can buy the blank and run it though the machine and only have $40-$45 into it.
       And to be honest with you, I ready don't give a damn about what they plan to do with them, however the sad thing about it is that they got a lot of peoples hopes up, and myself will be a little up set if nobody gets one under their Christmas Tree.

I probably don't even need to wait for a business licence, a simple tax number should be all I really need and I'll be looking into that within the next few days. But first I've got to find a booth so I can shape my own board.
       All I have to do now is flip the blades around on my planer and I'm good to go.

Got the Tax Number
Rule Numbers-
December 10th, 2014:

Somebody should tell those folks down at the city of Encinitas that they should up date the information they hand out for the Department of Equalization.
       Boy I wonder how much fuel is being burn needlessly.
       To hell with the six month out of date address and phone number, and just give the web-site address. If you go there you will have to deal with a track ball so just stay home and do it there .
       You wouldn't believe the amount of money that must have been spent on those stainless steel kiosk they bought. They would have done much better to have stayed away from the track ball set up and just gone with a mouse.

Found myself on the wall of an overhead tube this morning. I was practically standing on my toes trying to keep the rail in the side of the wave to keep the board from rolling. I seriously don't think my heals were even on the board for part of the wave. It had to be a pretty good size to it because it sure sounded heavy and it slammed close.

Still have the rockers to do

sanding rocker patern at synchro-link surfboads

Tracing a surfboard for a tamplete

Got My Blank
Rule Numbers- 23, 24, 33, 35, 38, 39, 42, 50, 51, 65, 66, 80 & 88
December 12, 2014:

Could have swore I wrote a line of rule number quite similar the other day.
       Well, by now many of you realize I was just rolling things along until a few things came out. My conversation with my father on the phone pretty much spells out what has been going on. And ever since that conversation, I pretty much know where to avoid going to see about renting a shaping booth.
       As a matter of fact, I can put the whole thing to rest about even looking for a booth in the valley because they were all scheming to make money of me.
       After awhile anyone will naturally get a little tired of what "they " all want to do for me. I bet the city of Encinitas even expedited my business license along just because of all the jobs two thousand boards per week could sustain.
       But to day I must have heard the name I was waiting for all this time and I must have heard it no less than a dozen times. And that name is, -Borst. (While I think I've got the name spelled right; I''l check later) .
       Anyhow, only one person had a clue of what was going on and that was some little kid whom said, "why would he want anyone who builds surfboards for Channel Islands, making his surfboards?"
       And I'm thinking,why would I want to do any business with anyone who would break into my cage and steal my surfboards so they could scan them. They probably had to invade my privacy twice to do it to get all my boards and people around here see nothing wrong with that. Those people should be in jail.

To my understand, or as I am assuming it to be, is Borst is probably the people with the scanner in the valley and they probably have the largest mutable CNC machine.
       Borst is probably the company that keeps the glass shops busy.
       But the way I look at it is that I'm provably worth more in surfboard that Borst and all it's little glass shops could handle. And them along with US Blanks have been Loosing about a thousand boards per week to over seas.
       US Blanks should be the on handing over a shop with CNC machines to me and paying the rent on the warehouse for six months if they even had a clue of how they should be doing things because I'm sure in less than three Months, those machines would be paid for.
       I'm no idiot.

Synchro-link above the law Shaping Rack

The Portable Synchro-Shaping Rack
Rule Numbers- 35 & 77
December 14, 2014:

We have another name for this device, but right now we are looking at installing the 6.5 in. strips of carpet to it.
       (If only I remembered that bit of lead flashing I have in the woody, it my two 15 lb. dumb bells would have made an ideal weights for the bottom.)
       Unfortunately I got a little careless on the second to last cut I had to make with a utility knife and that's why I'm passing up on the polluted water the waves today, which I my add that are much better today.

Anyhow, yesterday was on of those choppy days where you can sure tell that that you are riding a PU board. To me about the most noticeable difference of a PU board and any other is that the PU boards are just so much better at absorbing bumps. It's like having better shock absorbers on your dirt bike and it makes it easier to stay on the things.
       Epoxy boards seem to have a pop to them. In a way, epoxy board may be easier to achieve more air because of it.
       But I prefer to have more control over my board.

In the thing I've been hearing the most on the street is that Channel Islands put Borst up to it. Apparently Channel Islands have been filling storage units with my boards.
       I myself still have a difficult time understanding the reasons for it, but it does give me a reason to understand why Kelly Slader became jealous of me. Channel Islands was probably looking at me as more of a valuable cash cow than Kelly was, is, or would have been.
       And then you have to consider the fact that Kelly really isn't worth anything if the word get's out that he is a murder.

Wrong Blank
Rule Numbers- 20, 53 & 55
December 15th, 2014:

It was quite obvious I picked the wrong blank for a quad. It was too narrow about 18" from the tail and the rocker was a bit flat.
       Butt, anyhow, the Old Rocker was closer and the Board made for the contest in Panama fit real nice and the Nose form the Stoneman fit real nice and made it come in at 6' 3".
       The nose is 12.25 and the tail up a quarter to 14.75".
       It lined out at 19" 5/8" and the widest point about 1.5" back. However just as Rule Number 53, it will probably move forward a bit when I take it to 19 9/16" or even 19 1/2" by time I'm done whittling on it.
       Things don't get done by talking about them.

Surfbboard blank line out for new surfboard

Rule 21
       Turned out much better than I expected for my first board. If I didn't know better, I'd think a professional had shaped it.
       In the picture below, the rail in the 1/4 - 1/3 of the way up from the back still looks thick and square, but the picture was taken before I started flattening out the tunnel into two, -with a very slight V out the back. The rail in the 1/4 - 1/3 of the way up from the back looks thinner and rounder now, and all I really have to do is put a little radius in the lower edge of the rails on the back half of the board which are still sharp right now, (for protection.) I'll finish it up right before I glass it.
       The nose is a little thicker than I like, but I left it thick for float since the front area of the blank didn't supply as much foam as I was hoping for so the thick nose is more or less to balance out the board when I'm paddling and it is submerged under the water.
       (What I'm trying to do is avoid having to paddle up hill and then waddling forward when I'm dropping in a wave as I'd often do with the Panama board because it didn't have enough foam in the front.)
       I think at it's thickest part it came in at 2 5/8".
       And just as I said, it's running 19 and 9/16 and I've still got some sanding to do so....
       Never the less, I can't wait to ride it because think it will be the most versatile board I've ever owned.
       Everyone who seen it, -other than the two bully cops that shut me down said it looked like a really nice board, and one guy even said he'd like to buy one from me. I get the impression he liked it because it looking high performance, yet still chunky enough to catch wave on less than perfect days.
       He even like my idea of how I'm going to glass it, but now that the bullies with badges came around trying to rain on someone's parade.

Sunnyside's first surfboard shaped by himself

Just guess what I'm going to name this Model.

Surfboard shaped by sunnyside sattler

For 1,600 at 250k, click here.

Channel Island Dumping Rice Paper Boards
Plotting to rob a dead man hah?

Rule Numbers- 12, 65 & 66
December 18th, 2014:

Did you hear that Channel Island Surfboards have been making runs to the dump?
       Yeah, I guess there just isn't much of a market for rice papered surfboards.
       I'm left wondering that my perditions would be right, that they would pay to dump them at night so people would see or take picture of them.
       And I'm wondering also if there isn't just one of my fans who happen to work at the dump. Boy would I like to get my hand on one of them.

From what it sounds like, Channel Islands Bought the rights to reproduce my surfboard art after I'm dead from at least one of my sisters for $10,000.oo
       Basically what we're saying here is that Channel Islands plotted to kill me sooner or later, and we all know Kelly Slater was thinking of robbing me as a dead man a long time ago.

Also I'd like to mention that the word on the street is that Firewire Surfboards had=ve had their cronies out running around to every surf shop or business that has a shaping booth and telling them that there is a child molester out looking to use a booth.
       I say that it's pretty bad when you make a company a Million Dollars and they go around thinking they can keep me on their board if they make sure I can't shape my own.
       Well, today that ball of glue they made, -goes up for sale on Craigslist. And if I surf at all, -until my new one is cured enough, I'll op-out for the Stoneman, because it's probably the safest ride I have at this point.

Board Shaped and Stencils made up
Rule Numbers- 35
December 20th, 2014:


synchro-shaping booth

I got the three most important primary colors, Red, yellow and blue
It took a lot of time cutting them out and fine tuning them with 320 sand paper. (Most of two days work.)
       I finally learned to trim my fingernails when messing with the bare foam.

Sunnyside's hand made stencils for surfboard

Never again
Rule Numbers- 20
December 29th, 2014:

I can see why a glassers need some more of a pedestal platform to glass a board properly.
       My overlaps from the bottom cloth overlapping the top was nothing easy when you can't get your hand where it needs to be. Then being too low to the ground is even worse.
       And it would have been better to wait an extra day to sand the bad spots out so the grit wound want to stick so much. ( I can see why using a high speed striper pad would have been the better way to go.) For me it was mostly razor blade as an effort to keep it clean, but the left a little more resin chunks in there.
       I raised my table top a few more inched and narrowed the foam pad with a less slippery table mate taped to the plastic over the foam for the second time around for the top layers. But being so cramped and in a rush trying to do the under lapped. I discovered how easy it is to transfer the crap from the floor to my stick glove and then to to the surf board.
       Then off goes the gloves and your looking for your second spreader, because the other one is all sticky and dirty.

It reminded me of the early days of when I painted septic tanks. I'd get the cold tar all over everything. But eventually one will naturally figure out how the coal tar got to where it would end up and eventually I would also figure out by back tracking in my mind how it got there and eventually getting to know how it got on to that and then eventually where it came from in the first place.
       Then stopped letting it get there before it happened in the first place.

Now I don't know about you but it's common sense and some how I made it sound like something like old Festus would be saying.
       Anyhow, I put a pretty decent size patch in the middle of my board. And one covering the right side area of where my traction pad will go and I also put a pie shaped strip simulating a carbon strip on the opposing left side.
       I think the board is a little on the heavy side but I knew that the second I chose the denser blank.
       I'm pretty sure it will end up weighing less than my beat up old quad and I'm betting it will have more float.
       I think one of the nicer things about it it that most of the weight and foam is placed in the middle and forward, which is great for paddling on a plane and it keeps the rear end light for kicking it around. Also my rails are also moderate in the Middle and thin in the back. Because of my sharp fingernails, the board came to 19 7/16" so it should be able to stick to the side of the wall of a wave better than either one of my quads. I kept the rails on the soft side for a good feel on what the water is doing around it. (More like the Panama Board, but with just a little more meat up forward, but less meat than either of my Quads and probably quite close to the same thickness of my big wave board at the thickest point mid rail. )
       Instead of a super thin nose, this one looks a bit thick, but it's just the result of me saving some foam around the deeper concave in the front, -it will fool yah because it isn't as thick as it looks and there is actually more rocker out at the rails than down the middle because of the slight double V out the tail.
       And as strange as it my seem, it sometimes it looks as if it has hips about a third of the way up the board.
       The board the widest point landed in the middle of the board.
       I think what the Stoneman front end does for the board is it helps keep the board wider in front of the mid section of the board for a greater distance.
       With the rocker it has, -it should be excellent for catching waves and a good nose rider.
       Paint job is trick. It's like a Hot Rod business on top and High Performance underneath. It doesn't really fit the name of the board, but you have to consider the fact that this board is a Synchro-link board and the First one at that, so Looks overrule the name on this one.
       Sounds like everyone has got the name figured out. It's the name I thought of in the first place but I just wanted to make everyone think they came up with it themselves.
       Funny thing about the name is that it's not an easy name to pronounce properly and many will often calling it something else because it's an easy way to say it. I happen to think that it just happens to make the name even more trick. A name that will challenge you to see if you are as together as you think you are.

tent in a cage

Got some nice people here.
Rule Numbers-28, 65, 78 & 85

I tried to just tell myself I was crazy when I heard about the guy bragging to others the other day. But i was still stupid enough to waist a half a dozen sanding disks before I would believe it myself.
       For all the invasion of privacy. For all the fame and no fortune to go with it.
       There is still a moron gullible enough to believe in a rumor and do on to others.

Yes folks, I should be looking for another supplier. I get you there. I'm not stupid enough to go through it a second time. Next time , I'll just walk into an Ace had ware or a Home depot and grab the first random yellowing type of laminating resin I can fin.
       I won't go for any of those guys going to the back to get it next time, I'll dig for a random one with nobodies fingerprints on it.
       I've had the same kind of think with a paint match before so I should have learned from the first time and there is a first time for everything.
       Gee, for what would have pined out to be worth $3,2 million in profits for some folks, they sure didn't draw any boundaries on how they planned to keep it.

I'm looking at it just as many others, -it's what is referred to as company espionage.
       Yesterday all I did was hear people talking about how they were hoping I would come out of my cage and work on my surf board. We all know how it ended last time after everyone took their shot at instagraming it all. Even today, out in the middle of nowhere there there people out to be one of the first spies to get a snap shot of my board before I even provided you one. And that very, - most famous surfboard in the whole fucking world is sabotaged, and none of you had the guts to tell me it wasn't worth my time even sanding.

Just a different label
and not just on a can
Rule Numbers- &
January 10th, 2014:

Well I know that it wasn't just added to the can; it was a different label entirely.
       I'm betting it was sanding resin all along.
       Anyhow, I figure it was a result of those criminals who were working for Firewire, -the same ones who would have been fallowing me around with rumors and probably making sure that my router wouldn't work and such.
       I'm guessing they took a Drimal to the switch.

The whole time, I'm wondering if it could have been Boorst histing the blank before it was glassed and then adding the wax to my resin while it was waiting in the can.
       Never the less, I didn't rule out the Firewire gang having something to do with it because I had thought I had heard rumors about one of their guys talking about sabotaging my board down at their own shop in Carlsbad. (I figure that my collage boys probably hacked a phone or two and just landing the morning's discussions.)
       Then again you've got the goof ball down at the Whole Sale supply store running his mouth off and just plugging the rumor mill with shit that just makes the whole disgusting thing even more Evil just like they do things in Morro Bay, -that is just the way things are.
       But if you want to know who's stalking you, you can alway throw something overboard and you may just find out who is tailing your ass.
       In this case it just happened to be Firewire, carrying their method of corporate espionage one step further. (I figure that they were wondering if I'd get my hands on a router with a good switch.)
       Are you trying to tell me that they even went as far as knowingly stealing my design and offered it up for sale?
       Yeah, get this folks, they make over a Million Dollars off me and they are willing to brake the laws just to keep stealing profits from me.
       Boy, the second I bought that business licenses, that put the whole scenario into another game.
       At least that's the way I see it.

Sunnyside's first Synchro-link sabotaged surfboard

Don't really want to ride anything else
For 1600 @ 300k desktop size

Wonder if it crossed International Lines?
Rule Numbers-
January 28th 2015:

No, the laps didn't just feather out. They feathered into the patches of cloth on the ground.

I would suspect that the C.I.A. is suppose to have something to say about that.
       But isn't that the same sort of government agency kinna work that is suppose to be involve when inventions get stolen and then they are built in another country, just like Lockheed Martin did with my truck up in Canada?
       Yeah a shit loads worth of Government agencies, and you wonder what they actually do for the money they cost you.

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