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Sally the M5 Quad Surfboard

Taking Sally for a ride:
September 14, 2016:
She was well behaved.

She was a good ride and I wasn't disappointed:
       Sally was more or less an experiment, on how to could make a quad feel like a thruster.
       She felt well balanced in the flotation department. She paddled nice and not once did I go pearl diving like I usually find myself doing on a new board. I even plowed her nose under at mid wave and she snapped out of it just as if I planed to do it all along.
      She calmed my worries that she would be too fast and difficult to slow down. I'm able to slow her down without feeling like I just put on the brakes, but then she's got brakes if I want them.

The goal to make Sally loose, or should I say a slider like my old MBM was:
So instead of the typical flip in the tail, which makes a quad a bit erratic when to step on the very back, I used an increased rocker in the last two foot of the board, making it almost a constant rocker board.
       Since there is less flip in the tail, I put a little more flip in the nose for those late take offs when I hit the bottom. (Something my old quad was good at because of it.)
      What I was hoping for is a quad that takes the fishtail move I use to show down on a wave to a new level. (Kinna like blending a 3 fin with a four fin feel.) So I compromised a bit instead of going 2 & 5 inch like most of them are going now days, I placed the rear fins up and in at 4-7/8 & 1-3/4 inch.
       I was hoping the flat sided fins would work alright because when they are moved in, symmetrical usually work better.

As for the bottom:
       This time I went with more of a single concave to a double off the tail
       Not much of a V since the low spot of the double spells out next to the rear fins.
       Kind of a strange board you could say, none the less, I just wanted something that would be significantly different from my other boards.
       You know: I just can't be making different version of the same board over and over, like it somewhat looks like I've been doing with three of them so far.
       Oh, maybe calling it officially a M5 would be something to be considered, because I even heard some people call it so. I'm guessing that is because I more or less modernized it by taking something that was considered a small wave board and making it an even better small wave board by making it a Quad with modern Quad characteristics.
       None the less, I'm thinking it's probably my best everyday board yet.

Surfboard Sally

August 30th, 2016:
5-11, 19-7/8, 13, 15-3/4, 2-5/8, approximately 33 liters

It's a Quad of course
I don't think I need to explain the name, but it has something to do with a girl I knew who went by the name, Marry. (She said, "everyone has needs.")
       None the less, the name Sally just seemed fit my new board better.
       I was going for a bit lightness and went for the Red US foam, but next time I'm going for either Millennium or Arctic foam because it's just too much of a hassle trying to do anything with foam that is so damn soft.
       Hence the reason I kept the paint job real simple.
       The Helpful Hint: those stick on foam letters at the 99 cent store work pretty good for stencils. (I later used a small artist paint brush with white paint to fix them up and covered the stringer.)

stick on letters as stencils

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bottom of Flying Pan surfboard by sunnyside

Flying Panamanian #1
Cliff Notes

6'2" 12-1/2" 19-7/8" 15" 2-3/8"
Widest point two inches back

Thickest point 4-5 inches back and the thicker nose tip is for floating balance while paddling.


Dennis James Sattler     a.k.a. Sunnyside

Dennis James Sattler
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Well I know some guys who are not only good at glassing surfboards, but they've been at the forefront of the Wakeboarding Trend,
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Caddy Trunk

quad surfboard bottom in purple

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